Tuesday, September 20, 2016



As we have discussed about the history notes in .pdf and Geography notes in .pdf  which is also the main topic of SSC CGL , FCI and any of the government exam.Today we are going to share  GK POWER CAPSULE FOR LAST 6 MONTHS  which are very important for any govt competitive exam.
 In these POWER CAPSULES , you will find various important points which will help you score higher in any competitive exam. Only main points are collected in them to help you to  prepare quickly and easily.


These type of questions are very important to remember as most of them are the basic questions that every aspirant must know if he/she want to qualify. 
start from today to read these news and you will be more comfortable at the time of exam and it scores nearly 15-20 marks in exams.Although attempting every section is important in the exam, though, there are some sections which can make you score very high in really less time. This section is 'Current Affairs Section'!

TO DOWNLOAD FULL PDF(SERVER 2) :Double Click On Below Button And Refresh The Page, Direct Download link Will Appear Below .Wait until page fully load

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