Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This page contains free download on “Quantitative Aptitude Formulas PDF”. This formulas can be used in various purposes like all competitive exams, CAT, GMAT, SAT and all IT companies like Infosys, TCS, WIPRO, HP, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google, AON Hewitt, SYNTEL, CTS and many other placement interviews.

This is all about aptitude formulas from the various topics. This file has aptitude formulas list of following category,

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  • Time and distance formula
  • Profit and loss formula
  • Volume and surface area formulas for all shapes
  • Boats and streams formulas
  • Partnership formulas
  • Bankers discount formula
  • Clocks aptitude formulae
  • True discount formula
  • Problems on trains formula
  • Simple interest formula pdf
  • Average formula
  • Numbers formulas list
  • Surds and indices formulas
Useful aptitude formulas for all kind of students and freshers. Download this aptitude pdf for free of cost


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