Thursday, January 15, 2015

Download Shortcut Tricks For Percentage Problem In Pdf


Now we decide to start a new campaign that will help’s our reader who are preparing for Government jobs as well as for Bank jobs. Our team will try to write some very helpful articles related to various shortcut techniques related to the aptitude. Here in this post we will share various shortcut techniques for percentage

Shortcut 1: If we increased any value by x % and then decreased by y %. Then the resulting effect in percent will be:  “+ x + y + xy /100”.

Various Examples related to this Percentage Short cuts are given below:
Example 1:  The price of goods is marks 20% more than the real price by the shopkeeper. After that the shopkeeper allowed a discount of 10%. Now What profit or loss did the shopkeeper will get?
Solution: We solve this as follow by using the percentage shortcut1 as follow:
The Loss (or) Profit he will get is = 20 – 10 + (+20)(-10)/100
                                                     + 8% (profit).

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Now you are required to practice like this from various practice books. Please place your valuable comment if you like this initiative by NOTES WORLD. Continue your visit with us and we will post more shortcuts along with the latest Government jobs update here…


  1. how can anybody download pdf from the link ? when i click on the link it goes to advertisment link below it automaticaly ....
    please resolve it ....

  2. can you provide a way to calculate when there are three variables, for example what will be the increase or decrease in volume of a cone when radius is increased by 10% and height is decreased by 20%

  3. thank you

    please provide me more such ides about such topics home arithatic, percentage and others


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