Thursday, January 29, 2015

(PART-5)Download English Exam Material (Only Important Idioms & Antonyms,Vocab) In Pdf: PART-5


Dear Readers, As we have discussed about many parts of English grammar that helps you a lot.Now I am sharing a very important part of English exam which comes in every paper and having good marks weight. I am talking about the Vocab,Idioms,Antonyms that comes 20-30 marks in ssc and also comes in Bank Exam about 10 marks.

I have already shared 4 parts of english that describe you the grammar and many topics . Don't forget to read them:

  • Download Short Tricks Of English Paper : PART-1
  • Download English Grammar ShortTricks In Pdf : PART-2
  • Download English Grammar Short Tricks On Errors In Pdf: PART-3
  • (PART-4)Download English Short Tricks(Error Correction) Material In Pdf: PART-4

  • DOWNLOAD HERE : Double click to get English Short Tricks PART-4 In pdf file

    OR  Click Here

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