Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Download Shortcuts On Probability For Banks In Pdf


Dear Readers, Today I am going to share a most important topic Probability in Bank's exams. A very simple question of probability of 5-10 marks which is paragraph question that says 5 question on one problem and this problem can be solved within 2-3 minutes through these tricks.
It also Require some knowledge of Permutation And Combination that we have already discussed.If not then read first..
So Get your 5-10 marks within 3-5 minutes by reading this.


Introduction: We will cover these all cases here that comes in exams.Nothing will come in exams except these cases.SO READ CAREFULLY

Case1 : Probability of Particular Actor getting selected
Case 2: Probability of One lady getting selected
Case 3: One man and one woman (“AND” case)
Case 4: “Atleast” one man is selected (“OR” case)
Alternative method: 1 Minus
Case 5: Probability of Not getting selected
Mock Questions for CSAT, CMAT, IBPS, State PSC
-Dice probability
-Bags and Balls: WITHOUT Replacement
-Bags and Balls: WITH Replacement
-Recommended Booklist
-My Previous Articles on Aptitude

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