Tuesday, December 30, 2014

General Science Material For SSC And Other Competitive Exam in .Pdf(Must Read)


I have already shared the History and Geography notes that are the part of any ssc level exam and also asked in other competitive exams.
Today i am going to share the another part of the SSC exam that is general science which is having the 12-18 marks weight in all exams conducted by ssc. Here is collection of top Frequently asked Questions(FAQs) from General Science,

So don't wait for your 15 marks just get download your question here

TO DOWANLOD :Double Click On Below Button And Refresh The Page, Direct Download link Will Appear Below 


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  2. Thank You for the material. Can u please help me by giving some tips regarding IB GA exams that are coming this March. Thank You

  3. your links dont work at all its a shame .

  4. your links dont work at all its a shame .

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